Victim Impact Panel (VIP)


2 hours long, 1 day class.



Course Description:

The Victim Impact Panel is a tool to let drunk drivers and potential drunk drivers hear what happens to the victims of drunk driving crashes.

Course Content:

A panel is selected of several victims to speak briefly about the drunk driving crashes in which they are injured or in which someone was killed and what it has meant to them. They do not blame or judge those who attend the panel. They simply tell their stories to show how their lives and families have been affected by the crash.
There is no interaction between the victims and the offenders during the panel presentation. Question and answer periods will follow. Educational information will be distributed and an evaluation will be taken at the end of the session.
This 2 hour panel is designed to coordinate with other alcohol-related traffic offender programs to help the offender understand how the choices he/she makes impacts the victims' families as well as their own.

All Class Dates Subject to Change
Class must be prepaid in order to attend
Traffic School can be reached at 816-842-5223

Class size is limited so it is on a first come first serve basis. Clients will need to prepay for the class in order to secure a class date. You will be able to reschedule without another payment. All fees are non-refundable.